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Why are you down here? In this underground dump? Metal and all.... this is horrible. And a flashlight only? You must be insane. Well there's only one known thing that gets rid of the monster. Collect the pages. But be careful, they only make him stronger.


This game is made in the powerful Unreal Engine 4 and takes place in an underground full reinforced metal bunker. One problem though- there's a monster after you. The only way to get out is to collect every single page- there's 8 of them. But each one makes the monster faster and faster- until you get the last one. Oh yeah, one last thing- all you have is a flashlight.

Animations: 100%
Models: 100%
Animations With Speed: 100%
Animation Blending: 100%
Main Character: 100%
Map: 100%
Sounds: 100%
Sound Distance: 100%
Mechanics: 100%
Miscellaneous: 25%

-I am 12, so please don't bash on me for every small detail.
-Don't be afraid to leave any bad comments, as they are appreciated because they can help me improve.

Published Jul 14, 2016
StatusIn development
Authorsimoutof1deas, SycoDanny


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